Chris B

Pat’s been great. At first he solved my issues with connecting to the internet, talking with orange and sorting out my LiveBox. Then he resolved some accumulated problems on my XP desktop and got the scanner translation working again. Another “expert” had told me I needed a new machine; fair enough, the XP machine was old but as it turned out, after Pat’s work it would have still served my purposes. Anyway Pat also sorted out the configuration of my new laptop, with virus checkers and getting my devices working properly and the auto-backup. He worked way beyond the agreed times and he has also been reassuringly available on the phone when I get a worrying message or simple problem at no extra charge. When problems and questions built up to more than a short phone conversation I have had him come over a couple of times more.  I cannot recommend Pat more highly, he is honest and knowledgeable, qualities not easily found together in his line of work.