le Moulin de Chez Brandy ([email protected])

We first met Pat when I had problems with my PC and it’s internet connection and Pat sorted it out very quickly and helped to tidy up a couple of other things too, all for a very reasonable charge.

When we bought our property 2 years ago and took over the old web site for our gites, we only changed very basic things like contact details, to get it up and running. We always knew that we wanted a more modern and flexible web site and neither of the 2 companies we were dealing with for the domain name and the hosting filled us with confidence so we felt that a complete change was needed.

Having already used Pat for our PC issue, he was the ideal person to approach regarding updating our web site and we liked the look of work which he had already carried out on other web sites.

He took the existing site, adding modifications and optimisations to create the lovely web site that we now have and we are confident that any alterations and additions that we may require will be dealt with in a timely manner.