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Beautiful and bespoke, fully managed, professional web sites; designed, created, hosted and maintained. Your website for your business.



Whatever the problem, whatever the question, whatever the windows version - If its Windows I can solve it for you. Usually over the phone or online. Free advice.



Printer problems, computer failure, connection issues. Its not just Windows, if you have a system problem, I can fix it for you.


About Bell Computing

Initial telephone advice is free. Bell Computing is Pat Bell and I have lived in this corner of Limousin, handy also for Charente and Dordogne since 2013.  From here I build and host web sites as well as offering full computer support ranging through Windows advice , memory upgrades, hard disk replacement and recovery to corrupt memory cards and dead iPads.

Whilst much of my work can be done via the internet, I will also work with client's computers on my own premises as well as site visits and provide on-site training and photographic services. My wife also works online for UK clients as a virtual personal assistant.

My background is systems analysis and programming, or at least that's what my MSc says. In practice this means that for the past 25 years I have designed, developed and programmed for the medium sized business (including the NHS) though mostly focussed on individual entrepeneurs and the small business. There aren't many computer problems I haven't encountered, not all fixable perhaps but in that case I can save you time and expense and advise your best course of action.

I can give you a beautiful website, demystify Windows and solve your computer problems (be they hardware or software caused).

Contact me at email: [email protected]  Tel:  from France:06 42 09 16 52; from UK:033 3011 6162