Auberge des Tilleuls

This had been the first place we ate at when searching the area for a house. We loved it then and we still do; its our goto place for any occasion, special or not, with guests or just the two of us. So when I was asked to redo their website it was a great opportunity for me.  They wanted to keep most of the content they already had but I added some of my own photos and made it attractive. Add in the SEO and a few tweaks and it’s good to go. Have a look.

Initially they had also offered Chambre d’hote facilities (b & b to you Brits) but their restaurant business had become so successful that the accommodation side of things was a distraction to them and to clients. So we adjusted the content and SEO accordingly and looked to give them a good static site. Why static? What about menus and all? Well, we discussed this and the problem is that they use the freshest of produce and it is difficult for them to know what will be on the menu that evening, let alone with enough notice to update the website. So we left it with a good example menu.  Most people know that Plat du Jour is on this basis so it isn’t much of a leap to extend to the whole menu. Their offerings always cater to a range of tastes with vegetarian option included.  Also if the menu still doesn’t suit, Didier the chef can be even more flexible and adapt or supplement the existing offerings. So in short, a static website, not selling anything but Didier and Debbie themselves. Myself, I would have liked to personalise further with a photo of Debbie and Didier themselves but, as with all my websites, the client rules, what they want is what they get.

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