Delia Wallace Virtual PA

Ok I’ll come clean, she is my wife. That being said she was no walkover in creating her new site. She had high expectations and lots of feedback from her clients and work colleagues. We worked on a fairly minimal theme but pretty. It is a simple static web site that enable those interested in her services to find just a little more background and hopefully get an idea of Delia’s personality. In summary showcasing some of her art as well as the personal assistance she can offer online.

We decided that the need was for a minimal yet functional look. Branding was a tough one, Delia’s love of art made the idea of something of her own as a logo seem a good idea. Her Nautilus shell was right-sized and pastel coloured and so I think works well on a minimal white background. The use of a script font was a choice to de-formalise somewhat. Too much looks gimmicky in my opinion but we feel we’ve struck the right balance here. A picture of Delia herself looking her usual happy self, rotated slightly, again to deformalise, adds a balance to the otherwise spare home page. Keeping the home page uncluttered is helped by the ‘click here…’ linking to the About page which, although it is on the menu the link in the text gives a flow to the background information being presented on the page.

The other pages are more typical of such subject matter though the motifs of font and the narrow orange bar on the header and footer are intended to tie each page together. The About and How Can I help… pages also have more of Delia smiling out of the pages and lastly on the contact page is a recent favourite piece of her artwork.

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