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So this is my launch blog entry for my new site. Admittedly the new site has been on-line for a while since I had had business cards printed showing it, but it was still being finalised.

I will be blogging about my projects new and old as well as tips, tricks and opinions about computer stuff that might interest my clients. I will also be recycling the blog entries from patbell.co.uk. It is my clients who are the main focus though my friends (some of whom might also be clients) might also be interested. The main purpose however is search engine optimisation (SEO) or “google juice”. It is difficult if not impossible to spoof google searches now; no more stacking the same keywords in everywhere nook and cranny. Now, time to first load, no untrusive popups, social links and links back are the focus. Though as I read recently the main thing is “to write good $hit”, yes, for the most part content is king. One problem with business sites like mine is that most of the detail is static, and google doesn’t like static sites, it likes “fresh and regular”. No thats not an advert for dietary fibre it just means that I will be posting weekly on Wednesday at 2.30 GMT.

I will be telling the story of my projects, talking about Security, backups, passwords, SEO, my workflow, my work choices, some Windows how to’s, some cautionary tales and even perhaps some aspects of life in rural France (though my personal blog is probably a better place if you want some of that). This blog will be information and opinion in equal measure. A mix of helpful tips and opinions as well as topical subjects. To save space I won’t explain every technical term, google will usually help. But if you want me to answer a question or cover a particular topic do not hesitate to comment or email [email protected]

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