So you have a business card and an advert, the skills and the know-how, but where to now? How will your clients find out more?

When your potential customers are looking for a more information, check your competence or availability. Whether you are a bed and breakfast, gite, tradesman… a plumber, an electrician, a builder… or in other words YOU, where do they look? Most will do an internet search… but without a website, you won’t be on that list.

Get an affordable bespoke [glossary slug='managed-hosting']managed[/glossary] wordpress website that showcases your business beautifully.  You need do nothing, just provide some info and with search engine optimisation, photo galleries and even [glossary slug='eCommerce']eCommerce[/glossary]; whatever you need, I can give you a site up and running in days. Created, hosted and managed all under one roof.


I will create a website, individually tailored to you and with you. I will work with you to create or firm up your branding. &nbsp;Together we&nbsp;will create personalised and hosted website with your own email address. If you prefer to take a backseat, you need do nothing but provide me with information, but if you want to give more input I am more than happy to have a to-and-fro that gives you the website that <strong>you</strong> want.&nbsp; I can also advise and help with any computing issues to make the process simple and straightforward.

You don’t have to get involved with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, Flickr or any of the many, many social sites you may have heard [glossary slug='social-networking']about[/glossary]. I'll create and connect whatever you need or already have.  What you do need is a straightforward, no-nonsense website that shows information about you, the work you do and the work you have done. If you are selling then a site that clearly shows and handles all the ecommerce for you. If you have members, then deals with all the admin for you. All the technical stuff is handled by me.

The end-result is a website that you are proud of because it represents your values and inspirations. We created it together. It is unique. It might have been inspired by pinterest references or other sites you had seen but it is now a site that inspires other people and which they will pin. Looking good on any device, especially designed for pc, tablet and mobile screens.
When its all over, its not... all over that is. The benefit of my website care packages is that I am there every step of the way to handle tweaks and updates as you business evolves over time. Month by month small additions and tweaks keep your site fresh. At the end of each year we have a full review to look at the larger picture of how your business has developed and the direction it is going. We can then plan to ensure that the website matches your business aspirations and actualities. Its no longer a case of build it and they will come with a website (if it ever was). I can advise on the local and wider marketing in relation to your new website such as Google My Business and Facebook business pages
Personal Blog or small business leaflet site
from €250
per site + monthly hosting care plan

Up to five pages including blog, about, contact and photo galleries

Your own unique theme full of richly varied design options

Website metrics

Use you own domain or free custom one

Includes half an hour of wordpress tuition

Mobile optimised, for display and speed

SEO friendly framework using WordPress

Social network integration

Cloudflare Content delivery network with SSL security certificate

for a full-featured inclusive performance package
from €1499
per site + monthly hosting care plan

Professional plus bespoke configuration

Choice of premium theme (annual licence at cost)

Specialised plugins included (annual licences at cost)

Promotional Popups**

Logo design as necessary

Content creation


Extra Options for Standard Package

  • Additional pages + 35€ each page
  • Multilingual sites + half site cost for each language
  • Specific theme - choose from a library of hundreds here + 45€ plus theme licence (if applicable)
  • Extra options, e.g. music, video poa
  • Additional website metrics poa
  • Multilingual poa
  • Specify a custom domain name +25€ per annum
  • Specific hosting options - see here
  • Special mobile optimisation (Google AMP) +95€
  • Extra site SEO - advanced site SEO +125€ per annum (more info)



Extra Options for Professional Package

  • Choose a premium theme +45€ plus cost of theme
  • Google analytics metrics +85€ per annum
  • Specific hosting options - see here
  • Special mobile optimisation (Google AMP) +95€
  • Premium plugins - where possible free plugns provide adequate functionality. If tour requirements require full featured plugins there are annual licences
    • Restrict Content Pro - membership plugin 149€ per annum
    • eCommerce - depending upon your specialised requirements from 49€ per  annum for each add on
    • Events Management - 79€ per annum
    • Advanced Booking Management 65€ per annum
    • Restaurant theme - 80€ + custom plugins 49€ per annum


Extra Options for Performance Package

  • Specific hosting options - see here
  • Logo and content creation included
  • Premium plugins - if annual licencing applies this is charged after the frst year