Working with Windows since its inception and supporting every version since then means that there aren’t many Windows or PC problems I haven’t solved. I have helped and supported hundreds of small businesses and individuals alike in the UK and (since 2012) in France.

If you have specific problems, perhaps you are stuck with only French on your new laptop, or maybe your old machine seems to be grinding to a halt, perhaps you've got tangled up with a virus you can't unravel from or perhaps your computer is completely dead and you want to rescue all those pictures and documents you've been storing for years.

Perhaps you have lots of computer or windows questions, little things you don’t understand or can’t quite get your computer to do properly? Whatever your computer issues, large or small, let me visit or spend an hour with you on the telephone and remotely connect to your machine. I’ll help you stop scratching your head and get using your computer efficiently. After our call or my visit I am available for email and telephone advice at no extra cost.