Whilst I can provide other services including book-keeping, credit control etc, my main WotNot services are sorting your computer hardware problems. An apparent Windows problem can often be caused by hardware issues; perhaps an aging hard drive, faulty monitor or even spilt wine on the keyboard (last resort for some Windows problems, but I recommend drinking it instead of spilling and ringing me for help). Spilt liquid on a keyboard is often terminal for the computer, but not necessarily for all your photos and documents. Even if your computer seems totally dead, and even if you've dropped it in the bath so you have a pretty good idea why it doesn't work... bring it to me and I can usually get your data from it onto a usb stick or external storage of your choice.

As for office administration? In one of my former lives, I created an office management system... accounts cashbook, ledgers, mailing system, the works. In fact I still support a dozen or so users of my system. Some I just help move it to a new computer, others I do their tax returns online for them and chase outstanding invoices. Its a bit of a sideline but if its what you need, I can do it for you. If you are interested, call me and/or have a look at toobusytoinvoice.patbell.co.uk