Homepage with hero slideshow and three columns of info

PM Carpets and Flooring

Another client wanting to update an aging and poorly functioning website. I had quite a bit of content to start with from the old site and some ideas of website style. Paul had seen “Normandy Carpets” giving me a good basis to develop an even more attractive and functional website for him. Interiors are a readily available category for stock footage so the home page could be equipped luxuriantly with a range of modern interiors showcasing different flooring styles. The “Hero” slide show is a nice place to pause an absorb the information about Paul Marshall’s business displayed in three columns below.

Paul’s personable open manner meant that his about page could include his heartfelt motto ”

“I’m passionate about the work I do and a happy customer at the end of a job is extremely satisfying.”

Plus a shot of his friendly smiling face along with a link to his video and the rest of his Facebook page.

His gallery backs up his claims with some photos taken personally of his previous jobs. When combined with his testimonials page this site is a great place for potential customers to find more about Paul, his work and his background. See pmcarpetsandflooring.com

Le Moulin de Chez Brandy – Gîtes in Limousin

I had already met Margaret and Stephen at their home (Chez Brandy) when I did some work on their computer network earlier in the year. They already had a web site, built and hosted on Webs. I am fairly safe mentioning a possible competitor since, this being the second Webs site I have replaced, I can safely say they are no competition.  It was ok as far as it went but it looked dated and did not respond well to being viewed on mobile phones and functionally it could only do so much. Some time soon I will write a full blog post about why I use wordpress but not today.

Anyway Chez Brandy needed to renew their domain and a thoroughly refresh their web site. The actual Webs site was attrative enough and I was happy to be inspired by it. We discussed some ideas and Stephen sent me the original photographs and transferred a lot of the content from the existing site. Adding slideshows and galleries as well as more dynamic links between the pages made for a better user experience.

The addition of more solid search engine optimisation and a google map makes for a better search presence. Refining the google calendar too allowed for each of the two gîtes to have their availability clearly displayed. A simple click on the calendar takes Margaret or Stephen to their own google calendar login for easy updating. The design is totally responsive – shoing as attractively on smart phones, tablets and PCs. They now have a logo too designed together an nicely identifying their lovely gîtes to the holidaying public.

As time goes on, there will be more photos which can be easily added just by emailing them to me as attachments to be optimised and uploaded by me that same day.  The same goes for any special offers or tweaks to the existing content.

Together with the site visit reports they get each week, Margaret and Stephen are very happy with their new beautiful web site. They found the whole development experience easy and trouble free, any problems or questions were handled deftly and almost immediately.

Photoclub La Meteorite

My own photography club but nevertheless demanding highest standards and innovation. We need a platform to display photos, run monthly competition and enable access to archives of previous competitions and field trips. There is a voting system in play on the competition page allowing anybody to rate a photo (one to five stars). This is available to me to announce a winner at the end of each month’s competiton. Old galleries are archived to flickr and can be viewed directly from the website.

DeliaVirtual PA

Ok I’ll come clean, she is my wife. That being said she was no walkover in creating her new site. She had high expectation and lots of feedback from her clients and work colleagues. A fairly minimal theme but pretty. Showcasing some of her art as well as the personal assistance she can offer online. deliavirtualpa.com


A busy husband and wife team managing some of the many gites and holiday homes in the area. They needed a simple showcase and highlight the services they offer. These range from garden maintenance and lawncare to keeping a home spick and span so that upon arrival the owners can enjoy their stay without the worry of garden and housework. loveyourmaison.com

Stefan Ganther – Historic Built Environment Specialist

For me, a foray into a new sector, but the principles remained the same. I interviewed Stefan over the phone and via email to establish his hopes for the site and get some ideas of other sites that have inspired him. The initial process of designing his website produced some ideas based upon those inspirational sites but ultimately yielded a unique beautiful site with some innovative animation of text and images. stefanganther.co.uk

Auberge des Tilleuls

This had been the first place I ate at when searching the area for a house. I loved it then and I still do; its my goto place for any occasion, special or not, with guests or just the two of us. So when I was asked to redo their website it was a great opportunity for me.  They wanted to keep most of the content they already had but I added some of my own photos and made it attractive. Add in the SEO and a few tweaks and it’s good to go. aubergetilleuls.com

La Petite Perle

Arriving on the day of the Brexit result was not a particularly auspicious arrival for Jeanette and Jez. But with my help, her existing home cleaning service was paired with the Chambre d’Hote she called La Petite Perle. Their experiences with finding this little gem in the French countryside have enabled her to match the gite services and chambre d’hote with property search. Their website attractively presents these three aspects of her business as well as depicting the surrounding countryside and showcasing some of her work as well as guitar making and playing workshops by Jez. Jez is a consumate blues guitarist, returning often to the UK to satisfy his demanding fans.

Their van is attractively decorated in advertising targeted at their cleaning services. Its decor I had to integrate into the slightly different focus we had decided upon for the overall site. The gold background and the pearl motif was difficult to match with the green/grey and fifties cartoonish feel of the van’s decor but it is there and we both agreed does the trick. The web site itself presents the three aspects of their business equally well on all sizes and orientation of device, responding as it does with adjusting the image sizes and the colums shifting from three to single seamlessly depending upon the device being used to view the web site.

The challenge now for Jeanette and Jez to attract business. The web site is a good place to link to airBnB as well as from conventional printed advertising. Word of mouth in this market place is vital and now the web site is there to provide the reassuring extra detail and background that is so important. Whatever happens with Brexit, people will always want to visit rural France, with its incomparable wine, food, history and traditions. Where else can you see the place Richard the Lionheart was killed within a short drive of some of then highest tech amusements in the world (Futurescope near Poitiers).

Robert Cort

This was a fairly minimal site. I consider my target clientele to be individuals and small businesses who need to do what they are good at and not have to spend too much time ensuring they have a web presence. Robert was a minimalist version of this target. I have run advertising campaigns where I talk about how a website backs up and adds detail to a business card and other advertising. Robert wanted very little involvement in “internet stuff”, since most of his work came by word of mouth he didn’t feel it relevant. But some potential customers had tired to find out more about him by looking on the internet (I know thats one of the first things I do). So, in short, we worked on a minimal site, that satisfied this need. Very low maintenance and only three pages of info. Like him “it does what it says on the can” except unlike him thats it, he can do so much more… the web site serves and an introduction. robertcort.patbell.co.uk

Inframe Photo Club

Still going strong, enjoying popularity from the local Nottingham “U3A” (I can’t use that apparently hence the quotes, but thats how they got together, so there!) photographers. They submit their archive photos on given themes and vote for their favourite. Modelled after the photoclubmeteorite.org site and performing the same functions, except for a group based in Nottingham. inframe.patbell.co.uk

Terra Sancta

Jordan was commissioning another two sites so I decided this one was worth doing for nothing, it being a charity and all. An informational site for the most part. Providing background information to Jordans work in Palestine. terrasancta.co.uk

Spanish in Sussex

Co-ordinating a group of students and potential students was proving difficult for Jordan. She approached me to setup a new website to provide both information for potential new and enquiring students and also a platform for organising residential events. She also wanted to allow paypal payments to pay for courses, personal one to one tuition as well as the residential events. spanishinsussex.co.uk

Jordan Lancaster

Jordan is a busy translator and language teacher. I have created several sites for her. Her main one she wanted modelled after an existing one since she wanted to change from a troublesome host. That made the content easy to obtain but finnicky in terms of mimicing the existing layout, different hosts use different tools which have specific features. That being said, WordPress with its easy configuration and available plugins, coupled with a powerful theme made for a very attractive and functional site. It showcases her services, publications as well as events past and future. jordanlancaster.co.uk