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Website Design, Creation and Management

So you have a business card and an advert, the skills and the know-how, but where to now? How will your clients find out more?

When your potential customers are looking for a tradesman… a plumber, an electrician, a builder… or in other words YOU, where do they look? Most will do an internet search to list local tradesmen… but without a website, you won’t be on that list.

Get an affordable bespoke managed wordpress website that showcases your business beautifully.  You need do nothing, just provide some info and with search engine optimisation, photo galleries and even eCommerce; whatever you need, your site can be up and running in days.

You don’t have to get involved with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, Flickr or any of the many, many social sites you may have heard about. You don’t need a site that plays mood music and shows animations of kittens wearing hard hats. What you do need is a straightforward, no-nonsense website that shows information about you, the work you do and the work you have done.

I can create a website, individually tailored to you and with you. I will work with you to create or firm up your branding.  Together we will create personalised and hosted website with your own email address. If you want to take a backseat, you need do nothing but provide me with information, but if you want to give more input I am more than happy to have a to-and-fro that gives you the website that you want.  I can also advise and help with any computing issues to make the process simple and straightforward.

The end-result is a website that you are proud of because it represents your values and inspirations. We created it together. It is unique. It might have been inspired by pinterest references or other sites you had seen but it is now a site that inspires other people and which they will pin. Looking good on any device, especially designed for pc, tablet and mobile screens.

When its all over, its not... all over that is. The benefit of ongoing hosting is that I am there every step of the way to handle tweaks and updates as you business evolves over time. At the end of each year we have a full review to look at the larger picture of how your business has developed and the direction it is going. We can then plan to ensure that the website matches your business aspirations and actualities.

Its not a case of build it and they will come with a website. I can advise on the local and wider marketing in relation to your new website such as Google My Business and Facebook business pages.

Default Gallery Type Template

This is the default gallery type template, located in:

If you're seeing this, it's because the gallery type you selected has not provided a template of it's own.

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As a basic web presence,  a personal/business blog or a brochure supporting your adverts and business card, this package is probably all you need.  When anyone want more info about your services, this is the place that they will look. You would be an individual or small company possibly with a dated web site or a pretty good idea of what you want on your site. The site to be developed by me would be mostly informational giving background to you and your services. There may be some minor ecommerce such as a few PayPal buttons for on-line payments. The site is hosted on a server shared with other users which, whilst being secure, can mean some slowdowns and, very rarely, downtime (less than 2% total). Not normally a problem but if it becomes so for you, an upgrade to the "boosted" package at any time is not a problem.

The standard package costs and includes a responsive, professional and attractive, unique site with:

  • Unlimited pages, including contact forms, choice of menu layouts and position
  • rich design options
  • free support
  • Your own email address(es)
  • advice and help purchasing personalised domains and subsequent management.
  • country specific e.g. prices in £ or € depending upon the user's country of access.
  • Full passive SEO with All in one SEO and submission of site map to Google
  • multiple images and galleries, wide range of options including sliders and slideshows.
  • video and audio embedded options
  • weekly site report showing new and repeat views
  • Free initial 3 months fully managed, on shared hosting
    • after 3 months, managed hosting is charged at   per month
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Club, membership site or just the client who requires more creative input from me. Perhaps because they are starting anew or adding new services that require new branding and content. Perhaps also, wanting the improved performance of a virtual private server as well as the enhanced SEO and more security. Also adding greater flexibility using cloud hosting to expand performance and available space. Everything fully managed, you tell/send me what you want, changes, blogs extras etc and within 24 working hours it will be published.

The Boosted package is for you if you want more than the basic web presence. More security, guaranteed reliability, better SEO and more creative input from me and my associates. The package costs and  includes everything in the standard package plus certain performance extras and extra service including as required:

  • Everything in the Standard package (except,where replaced by enhanced features)
    • Content and branding designed and supplied
    • Additional facilities such as event calendars, galleries, integration with booking and other external services
    • Payment facilities linked to Paypal (full blown eCommerce extra upon application)
    • Marketing popups, ad hoc offers
    • Portfolio - rather than just a showcase, you can provide a summary of jobs etc old and ongoing after site launch, like a blog
    • eMail enhancements, extra addresses, web mail provision.
  • enhanced consultancy services
  • monthly news updates, perhaps a classified advert page
  • optional daily site performance analysis
  • optional content delivery network - localised internet server for faster access
  • member opt-in lists and blog updates
  • vps hosting (fast and even more secure)
  • SSL certificate +pm
  • Google analytics account set up for you with training
  • Google My Business setup
  • Google Maps presence
  • enhanced SEO linking to Google maps, Facebook and Google business accounts
  • local seo - online directories etc +pm
  • Virtual private server cloud SSD hosting. Faster and more secure.
    • after 3 months, hosting is charged at   per month
Image of sweets

All the standard features plus selected options, poa if you have a shopping list of options:

  • Multilingual facility available (each extra language + 50% of site development and hosting costs - you provide translated content)
  • VPS hosting for speed and security (+ setup, +)
  • VPS on private droplet, separately maintained and managed (+ setup, +pm)
  • SEO focussing, google my business, google maps, publish to all major search engines, local business directories (+)
    • monthly Google analytics analysis (+)
    • weekly blogging to boost ratings (+)
      • local info and events 300 to 500 words
  • Brand and content creation ( )
  • eCommerce - standard digital payments(ie no licensed plugins)(+ , +)
  • eCommerce plus - special requirements such as more specific tax and shipping handling require annually licensed services. Other special requirements likewise (lets talk and I'll quote)
  • Own hosting and site management supplement +50% of site creation and no further charges